As a think tank, we apply knowledge by directly engaging citizens and decision makers. Our core staff comprise 33 personnel including economists, researchers, policy analysts, management consultants, industry experts, and administrative staff.

Our work is undertaken through our three Centres: The Economics Centre, the Governance Centre and the Survey Centre.

Economics Centre

The Economics Centre, staffed by some of Ghana’s leading economists, undertakes a variety of research, policy analysis and advocacy covering a broad range of economic issues.

Governance Centre

Our Governance Centre seeks to promote good governance, democracy and a transparent policy environment in Ghana through both research and direct advocacy work.

Survey Centre

Complementing the work of both our Governance and Economics Centres is our Survey Centre. The purpose of the Centre is to develop expertise in the conduct and analysis of surveys with a view to ensuring that policy debate on governance and economic issues takes full account of the views of a broad range of Ghanaians.