Jun 2012
The IEA has released a survey report highlighting findings of a recent survey on perceptions of MPs. The survey paid particular attention to the relationship between MPs and their constituents, seeking to establish the level of familiarity and interaction with local MP's. The survey also looked at the performance of MPs with respondents allocating a rating to their MP. The issue of qualifications for MPs through establishing minimum levels of education for candidates was explored, as well as views on the appropriateness of ex-gratia payments made to MPs. ...
A Survey on Emerging Issues from Community and Regional Consultations
Jan 2011
This inaugural edition of the IEA's Public Opinion series, analyses the results of a survey undertaken by the IEA on the 1992 Constitution. To inform the ongoing review process of Ghana's Constitution, the survey explores a broad range of constitutional issues including allocation of power and responsibility between the executive, legislature and judiciary, the appropriateness of proportionate representation and the length of mandate in office. Distribution of power is reviewed by looking at the decentralization of power and the role of traditional authorities, notably Chiefs. Respondents were also asked their view on the prevalence of corruption in Ghanaian politics, bi-partisan characteristics of National Development Planning and the inclusion of marginalized groups in society. The report makes a number of conclusions and recommendations. ...