Serving as a Resource Centre for Public Education

Bridging the world of ideas and action, The IEA continues to translate academic research and analysis on policy issues into practical information, and recommendations for policy makers. Through its publications, The IEA makes important information available to the Ghanaian public thereby encouraging debate on numerous policy issues. To this end, we publish a wide array of research and scholarly material which are distributed to the benefit of a wide global audience. The Institute boasts of over 500 publications which range from short policy briefs i.e. 4-6 pages; namely Legislative Alerts, Governance Newsletters, Policy Analysis, Public Opinion; to the more voluminous documents; Monographs, the Economic Review and Outlook Series,  Annual Ghana Policy Journal and the Petroleum Transparency and Accountability Index Report and the Occasional Papers series. These are made available at the doorstep of key stakeholders throughout the country. The repertoire of research products has in no small way provided knowledge and education on a variety of subjects and also shaped the national policy agenda.

Monograph (No.38 Full Booklet).1-page-001 Governance (Strengthening EC System) Website.1-page-001 IEA-Legislative-Improving-Fiscal_Page_1 Petroleum Transparency and Accountability Index (1)_Page_1 GHOST NAMES, SHADOW WORKERS, AND THE PUBLIC SECTOR WAGE BILL_Page_1 Climate Change_Page_1A SURVEY ON EMERGING ISSUES FROM COMMUNITY AND REGIONAL CONSULTATIONS_Page_1 Tracking Transparency_Page_1